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Backpacks have become the new briefcase

Back to school backpack shopping isn’t just for the kids anymore. Backpacks are increasingly seen in place of briefcases in the business world with plenty of brands catering to the office worker.

With grown up features like protected laptop cases, portable chargers and a more adult look, what was once only for school is now office ready. However, there are other features that shoppers should consider to ensure they are getting a proper fit and to avoid future back pain.

A chest or waist strap can help relieve strain on your back. If your backpack comes with one, use it! Padded straps can also take direct pressure off of your shoulders, according to Harvard Health Publishing.

Once you have got the right pack, make sure you are wearing it correctly.

Both backpack straps should be used when wearing your pack and should be firmly tightened. The backpack should sit high on your shoulders and the bottom of the bag should not extend below your waist.

When fully loaded, your bag should not weigh more than 10 percent of your body weight.

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