Is the pelvic floor the new core?

Pelvic floor health

Trick question, the pelvic floor is a major part of the core! If you’ve been in an exercise routine recently or are just simply conscious about spinal health, then you have likely heard of the “core” muscles. They are a group of deeper muscles that help support the spine and maintain proper alignment of the … Read moreIs the pelvic floor the new core?

Is it really carpal tunnel?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is more than just your typical wrist or hand pain.  CTS is when the Median Nerve is compressed or “trapped” between the carpal bones and connective tissue of the wrist. This compression can cause pain, numbness, coldness or clumsiness of the hands. There are many causes of this compression such as … Read moreIs it really carpal tunnel?

Get relief from back pain without medication or surgery

If you live with persistent neck, back, or sciatic nerve pain caused by herniated or degenerative spinal discs, you don’t have to take medication or resort to surgery to find lasting relief.  Spinal decompression therapy, a treatment that involves the meticulous mechanical stretching of your spine, is a gentle, nonsurgical way to instantly relieve disc-related … Read moreGet relief from back pain without medication or surgery

What your chiropractor wants you to know about tech neck

Tech neck is the prolonged forward posture of your head looking down at either at a phone or tablet or just spending too much time on the computer. That puts a lot of undue stress and strain on the neck muscles and the upper back which over time can cause a lot of big issues: … Read moreWhat your chiropractor wants you to know about tech neck

Reasons You Get Horrible Headaches

If you’ve ever experienced a really bad headache, then you understand what it feels like to go through a busy day’s activities while suffering. It can be absolutely horrible! Not all headaches are the same and some of the most common classifications include: Migraine Headaches Tension Headaches Cluster Headaches Regardless of what type of headache … Read moreReasons You Get Horrible Headaches

Is your workstation causing you pain?

Many office workers experience aches and pains at the end of the work day due to workstations that are not set up with the best ergonomic fit. Whether you are commuting to the office each day or working from home, having the correct set up is key keeping your spine healthy and pain-free. Optimal Health … Read moreIs your workstation causing you pain?

Welcome to Brain Builders

Welcome to our Brain Builders ™ Program! PDFs Week one Week two Week three Week four Week five Week six Videos: Follow along with step-by-step instructions for each exercise. The purpose of our program is to help parents, teachers and all educators better navigate attention, learning and behavior for ALL children! For those transitioning from … Read moreWelcome to Brain Builders

Funding needed for study on chiropractic care in ADHD children

In July, Dr. Sonda learned that there is a research study showing how chiropractic care can help children with ADHD. However, the results from this study are not available yet because it needs funding. This may seem like something minor to support, but most people don’t realize that due to “lack of research” some countries … Read moreFunding needed for study on chiropractic care in ADHD children