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Funding needed for study on chiropractic care in ADHD children

In July, Dr. Sonda learned that there is a research study showing how chiropractic care can help children with ADHD. However, the results from this study are not available yet because it needs funding.

This may seem like something minor to support, but most people don’t realize that due to “lack of research” some countries have begun to limit the age of children who can receive care. We have already seen insurance companies limit care due to age.

Clinically and personally we know the benefits of chiropractic care, so now we need the research to show it. If you have ever benefited from chiropractic care for your child, We are asking you to consider doing one of three things below to help contribute.

1. Donate your gently used baby or toddler items you no longer need and all proceeds will go toward funding this study.

2. Come shop our sale on Sept. 7, 8 a.m. to noon at our midtown location.

3. Make a donation directly to the study here: https://haavikresearch.com/support-chiropractic/.

Thank you for your kind donation and support. We will also be taking donations in the office.


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