Are you wondering if your baby is getting enough milk at each feeding? Do you have questions about tongue ties and how that impacts feeding your baby? Or maybe you need a little extra help with the right latch? Are you wondering about how to transition your nursing baby into also taking a bottle?

Join Dr. Sonda Powell for a one and a half hour clinic covering common questions and issues surrounding breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and tongue ties. The semi-private sessions are for moms and babies ages birth to 6 months and cost $120, allowing you time with three professionals for less than the cost of a private appointment with one. Each mom/baby pair will receive one-on-one time with both Dr. Powell and the lactation consultant during the clinic including hands-on chiropractic care, bodywork, and lactation support. The clinic Includes Bodywork from Our Myofascial Therapist, Amanda. Spacing is limited and spots must be reserved and paid for two days prior. Register by calling the office at (918) 477-7909.

The feeding clinic will be held in the office, upstairs in suite 230 of the Rich and Cartmill building every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m.

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