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Is your workstation causing you pain?

Is your workstation set up causing neck or back pain?

Many office workers experience aches and pains at the end of the work day due to workstations that are not set up with the best ergonomic fit. Whether you are commuting to the office each day or working from home, having the correct set up is key keeping your spine healthy and pain-free.

Optimal Health & Wellness is offering free evaluations of workstations to downtown Tulsa companies to help improve the quality of the workday for their employees.

Dr. Riley Powell is a local chiropractor with more than 15 years experience practicing in the Tulsa area. He has recently opened a second location in the Petroleum Club Building, making office visits quick and convenient for those who work downtown. 

If you are interested in providing free workstation evaluations for your employees either in person or virtually, send an email to optimalhealthok@gmail.com to reserve your day and time.

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