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Keep lower back pain at bay while traveling

Summer and thus summer travel is in full swing. Whether you are cramped in the back of a minivan on a family road trip or stuck in an ever-shrinking airline seat, a few tips can help you prevent a sore back at your final destination.

For starters, make sure you are sitting in your seat properly with knees bent at a right angle.

A pillow behind the small of your back can help prevent you slouching and keep you in an optimal position.

If you plan on napping during your flight or car ride, a neck pillow can provide support and help you snooze comfortably.

And whether you are traveling by car or air, make sure to get up and walk around when possible.

Once you arrive, make sure to do a few stretches: child’s pose, cat-cow yoga pose and bringing a single knee to your chest while laying on your back are all helpful for lower back pain.

Happy traveling!

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