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What your chiropractor wants you to know about tech neck

Tech neck is the prolonged forward posture of your head looking down at either at a phone or tablet or just spending too much time on the computer.

That puts a lot of undue stress and strain on the neck muscles and the upper back which over time can cause a lot of big issues: primarily headaches, migraines, tension headaches, chronic pain. Looking down at these devices can also progress any degeneration in the neck. If you already suffer from arthritis or anything similar, it is best to correct your posture right away.

While tech neck is common, it is also easily preventable. Instead of looking down at your phone all the time, bring your phone up to your face. Even trying to meet somewhere in the middle is better than nothing, anything that keeps your head from looking down more than 10 degrees.

If you’re on the computer frequently, take breaks. Try your best to push away from the desk once an hour to get up and stretch, walk around the office and just try to get that head back on top of your shoulders.

Workstations should be compatible to your posture. If you aren’t sure if your workstation is ergonomically correct, Dr. Powell offers workstation evaluations for both home and corporate office settings in the Tulsa area, including downtown Tulsa.

The head weighs 8 to 10 pounds and the more it leans forward, the more pressure it puts on your neck and shoulders. In fact, for every inch forward your head leans it adds up to 10 pounds of pressure to the neck so by the end of the day it’s possible you’ve got an extra 50 to 60 pounds of pressure on your neck and shoulders. This could absolutely be why you are suffering from headaches, chronic pain or any of those other issues.

Outside of regular adjustments, stretches are also recommended. At Optimal Health & Wellness, we personalize your care to your condition.

Dr. Riley Powell, DC

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