Drs. Riley and Sonda Powell have been serving the Tulsa area since 2004 under the name of Powell Chiropractic.  In 2018 the doctors realized that their clinic name was no longer an accurate description of the types of patients they were seeing thus renaming the clinic to Optimal Health and Wellness.  The following year, they opened a second location in downtown Tulsa. The clinic had evolved from neck pain, mid back pain, lower back pain, sciatic pain, headaches, numbness, tingling and auto accidents to also include caring for women who were pregnant, infants with colic, difficulties with breast feeding due to tongue ties, plageocephaly, children who have sensory processing disorder, autism, chronic health conditions effecting thyroid, hormone imbalances, leaky gut or IBS, and many many more.  Optimal Health and Wellness is here to care for the whole patient because a chiropractor might adjust the spine but that adjustment effects the entire body.

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